Jahnay Tennai, a freelance photographer of Jamaican heritage hailing from North London, she has made a significant impact on the photography scene over the last 7 years. 
Proficient in shooting digital, analogue [35mm], and Hi8 footage. Recognised for capturing the music industry, Jahnay Tennai is celebrated for her ability to document impactful moments through her portraiture. Within her work, she intricately explores weaves of deep colours and tones. Drawing inspiration from London's dynamic atmosphere, she has captured the essence of top-tier talent like Lily Allen, Skepta, D-Block Europe, Chip, Ella Mai and collaborated with brands such as Nike, Puma and Adidas.
Equipped with a bachelor's degree in Fine Art, Jahnay is currently on a trajectory to expand her brand globally. She is also in the process of establishing her own creative agency, specialising in the representation of female creatives.

CLIENTS: 5K Records, Adidas, Apple Music, Arsenal WFC, Black Butter Records, Bumble, Depop, Ellesse, Empire, Equate Magazine, G- Shock, Island Records, JBL, Nike, Parlophone, Puma, Red Bull, Urban Nerds, Virgin Emi Records, Wall of Productions, Warm Street, Wireless Festival and Wray & Nephew.